As part of the Branchage Film Festival, NOVAK, in collaboration with QED productions and the Radiophonic Workshop, undertook one their most ambitious projects to date.

To projection map an entire island!
The aim of the project was to create a 25 minute audio visual performance where the entirety of St. Aubin’s fort, Jersey was projected onto, while the Radiophonic Workshop performed live from the opposing boat club, to provide an epic end to the 2014 edition of the festival!

Working from the 3D scanned data gathered by QED, NOVAK were presented with a ‘UV Map’ that was an exceptionally complex interpretation of the physical make up of the fort. Taking this ‘UV map’ and turning it into a workflow that would allow for the creation of animations in an intuitive way, was NOVAK’s first major hurdle. Once this hurdle was overcome and an effective workflow was established, it became very apparent that the structure of St. Aubin’s fort presented a highly challenging projection surface, where constant consideration had to be give as to how the visual content would appear and move around this epic tidel island.

 With an effective workflow establish, NOVAK’s attention could be turned to the visual content creation and their collaboration with the Radiophonic Workshop. Starting from the festival theme of ‘Make Your Own Island’ NOVAK conceived a series of scenes that reflected the forts location of Jersey and its history, the world famous TV programs that the Radiophonic Workshop had brilliantly soundtracked and the fantasy landscapes theses programs portrayed. From these visual starting blocks, the Radiophonic Workshop responded with a suitable epic soundtrack and over the course of the production, NOVAK and the Radiophonic Workshop weaved their creations into a truly unique audio visual piece.

Combining NOVAK’s stunning animations and the Radiophonic Workshops’ sonic excellence with the technical brilliance of QED resulted in projection mapping like no other, that wowed the crowds that lined the coastline of Jersey to witness this breathtaking spectacle.

The Make Your Own Island projection mapping event was the perfect way to close Branchage 2014, and NOVAK’s talent, vision and understanding of the island’s cultural and architectural heritage ensured that this most ambitious of projects was executed perfectly. A blend of innovation, ambition and artistry resulted in a stunning show on St Aubin’s Fort, the likes of which had never been seen before and may never be seen again!

– Chris Bell, Branchage Programming and production manager.

A making of video can be seen here.

The project was  featured on  The Creators Project