Dippy on Tour: Great North Museum

Audio Visual Museum Installation

To accompany the visit of Dippy to  Newcastle’s Great North Museum, NOVAK was invited to design an accompanying projection installation.

As an alternative to the traditional information boards, NOVAK created  an innovate installation, that combined physical design  of vinyl with projection and sound.  The installation tells the very pressing narrative of how natural climate change caused Dippy’s species to become extinct and how in the present day we are faced with the possibility of our own extinction as a result of man made climate change.


This audio visual installation was projected alongside the iconic traveling dinosaur for the entire duration of his stay at the Great North Museum.

More information: https://greatnorthmuseum.org.uk/whats-on/dippy-on-tour

Thanks to all of the staff at the Great North Museum, Ed Carter, Incite Design and ArtAV. ⁣⁣


Projection content design and animation: NOVAK
Sound design and production: Ed Carter
Technical design: NOVAK
Vinyl Production and Installation: Incite Design
Event Photography: Rich Kenworthy
Event Video: NOVAK