Commissioned as part of Electric Glen 2016, NOVAK, in collaboration with textile designer Hazel Dunn and lighting designers Light Refreshment, created ‘Printworks’. A 40 meter long audio visual projection, inspired by the designs of the Thornliebank Printworks, that were once cerated on the site of Rouken Glen Park, East Renfrewshire.


Featuring a soundtrack by Ed Carter.

Printworks reflects on the creative and commercial history of Rouken Glen. Once the private estate of the Crum family – the owners of the Thornliebank Printworks.

Rouken Glen is also home to the Auldhouse Burn which powered the works and provided water for the dyeing and printing processes. Their family firm was famed for the vibrancy and durability of its dyes and the quality of its print. The Thornliebank Company sold Calico all over the world for the greater part of the 19th century. 

Winding forward 200 years, leading digital animation artists NOVAK come home to Scotland for a unique collaboration with Hazel Dunn, a recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art with a striking and innovative approach to design. 

Printworks is a 21st century digital artwork blending Hazel’s creative talents and Thornliebank designs from the 1814 patternbook in a unique and beautiful setting.


Electric Glen, Rouken Glen Park, East Renfrewshire.

4 – 14 February 2016

Creative Director – Phil Supple

Animation – NOVAK

Pattern Design – Hazel Dunn

Audio Production – Ed Carter

Technical Event Production – NL Productions

Media Server – Steven Jackson

Photography – Alan McAteer 

Printworks commissioned as part of Electric Glen 2016 and produced by East Renfrewshire Council